The Abundance Course

Have You Ever Wondered Why…
It Is So Hard To Make Lasting
Changes In Your Life?

People consistently seem to struggle in areas such as making money, reducing stress, losing weight, quitting bad habits, eliminating worry and fear, less than perfect relationships.

Do you feel frustrated that you cannot seem to live up to the promises you make to yourself for a better life?

What if you found a seemingly magic wand that by waving it you could make all of the changes in your life that you’ve been trying so hard to make for years?

Well, I’m what you might call a self-improvement junkie. With all the money that I’ve spent on books, courses, seminars in the self-improvement field, I could have bought a really, really nice car, maybe two if I went back and added it all up. Don’t get me wrong, looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, it was for the most part, all good stuff. Everything I’ve done in the past has gotten me where I am today. It was all money well spent. But something was missing.

All that study, research, enlightenment and the changes just didn’t seem to come fast enough. And most that did come, did not last. There was some missing ingredient. And it went on and on like this for years. Until one day I stumbled onto the Abundance Course, aka The Release Technique.

I immediately purchased it and within just a few days of listening and experiencing it, I knew that I was on to something big. You see, most of the other techniques were mainly intellectual entertainment. Neat sounding principles and very useful, but The Abundance Course was different in that most of it was experiential.

While other courses had me closing my eyes and doing this and that for periods of time, The Abundance Course had me actively working on specific aspects of whatever issue I was working on. And it went deep, but it was surprisingly easy to do. I didn’t have to learn a hundred different aspects of the universe. It was so easy that my ego didn’t like and started giving me a bunch of cr_p about how something so simple could not really work.

The creator of the method, Lester Levenson, knew this would happen and in the course gives us the tools to shut the ego up. It is hands-down the most practical, effective and beneficial course I have ever taken part in (and thats saying something).

I could go on and on but I’d be just taking up time that you could be using much better by ordering The Abundance Course, so I’ve bullet-pointed some of the benefits below. So, take a few minutes to read them over.

The Abundance Course contends to help you:

Have abundance in every way in your life.

Rid yourself of attachments and aversions to things.

Feel love at any time.

Rid yourself of worry and anxiety

Discover the truth of your being.

Clear away years of accumulated confusion.

Awaken to your true nature.

Manifest your dreams into reality.

Can it substantiate these claims? The answer is a resounding…Yes!

I am using it and I know countless others that are using it as well. Its very different than anything I ever used before. It can deliver its promises of more money, better relationships, improved physical, mental and emotional well-being, improved career success, and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

It sounds like a lot to promise, but be assured that it is not. Its a life transforming technique but the best thing is that its easy to use. Its been scientifically tested by leading doctors and researchers at some of the best universities in the country, and yet it is based on some of the world’s most ancient and treasured secrets. Click here to read scientific studies.

The technique is not just a set of ideas and theories but a practical technology that you can begin working with today to produce direct and measurable results in your life. It works because it deals with cause, not effects. Psychologist Carl Jung said, “If things go wrong in the world, something is wrong in me. Therefore, if I am sensible, I shall put myself right first.”

Is it the things going on around you that are causing distress, or is it your reaction to them?

1. The Release Technique is the only technique that enables you to eliminate stress at its source – as you feel it – as opposed to trying to manage, avoid or cope with the symptoms and effects of stress.

2. The technique is self-empowering and helps you to become self-sufficient by avoiding dependent relationships to counselors, trainers or other outside authorities. See post on You Are Not A Victim.

3. The Technique works anywhere, any time, on any issue in your personal or professional life.

4. The results are cumulative, that is, they increase over time. The more you use the method, the greater your ability to make positive changes in behavior and to handle difficult situations with greater ease.

And the changes are powerful and lasting. Why was this I wondered. And then I read an excerp from a book by Lester Levenson. It goes as follows:

It is based on Truth and the Ultimate Truth is Truth that is true now, has always been true, and will forever be true.

We cannot make this Truth nor can we change this Truth. We can only discover it. We may choose to live in accord with it. If we do so, we find ourselves supremely happy beyond anything that could ever be imagined. All limitations drop away and we discover that all power, all knowledge, and all joy are ours and that all this is our natural, inherent state.

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