Apply for a Federal Employer ID Number Online

Here is a link for an online application for a Federal Employer Identification Number. Its easy, just follow the IRS site step by step instructions. Click Here If you need assistance in filling out the form and the questions it asks, please contact me at (805) 264-3305. Thank you, Bob

Facebook & The Elderly

Got an email from Perry Marshall (the Google Adwords marketing guru) today: (note: I’ve added my own comments in italics) Yesterday I heard from a very reliable source that Facebook has triggered a sea change in the nursing home industry. This comes from a client of one of my business mentors. The #1 reason people …

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Estate Tax Update

The estate tax, that tax on the fair market value of a decedents assets, kind of “expired” in 2010. That is, if one passes away in 2010, there is no estate tax. I read that George Steinbrenner’s estate was worth something like $1.1 billion which means his estate gets a pass on $500 million to …

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Home Budget Worksheet

CLICK HERE to download an Excel file for a Home Budget Worksheet. It will take you to a site. Enter email/username and password as follows: Email/Username: Password: client When you get there, click the DOWNLOAD button and save it to your computer. Be careful not to alter cells in the Excel spreadsheet that …

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Why Do We Fail?

Do you know what the major reason for failure is? Many people answer with things like, I don’t have the right education, I don’t have enough money, I don’t know the right people, I don’t have enough time or energy. While these are definitely things that need to be addressed, they are NOT the major …

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