Why Do We Fail?

Do you know what the major reason for failure is?

Many people answer with things like, I don’t have the right education, I don’t have enough money, I don’t know the right people, I don’t have enough time or energy.

While these are definitely things that need to be addressed, they are NOT the major reason most people don’t succeed in what they desire in life.

The major reason is this: You are not committing yourself fully to a particular course of action!

If you are like most people, you’ve read many books, tried many courses, roamed all over the internet trying to find the Holy Grail. Well, think back on those books and courses you have purchased. Did you really throw yourself into them, studying them and more importantly, putting what you’ve learned into action?

I don’t know you personally, but I would probably be right 90% of the time if I guess the answer to be no. We many times start something and that’s good. But whats most important is how you finish. That was exactly my problem throughout my life. I was gung ho on a new project but, as time went on the enthusiasm would fizzle and I would question, “am I wasting my time”, “maybe theres something better ‘out there.’ It may have been fear of failure or fear of success but I just would not get the project past the finish line.

I was always looking for the ‘bigger, better, deal.’ Well, I am committed to change all that for you, as I have for myself and others.

Read through this site and see if what I’m saying makes sense to you and, if so, give me one month of your time, energy and persistent efforts, and I am sure you will be successful. As with all things, this is a work in process, please leave questions or comments so that we can continuously move onward and upward.

Thanks for reading.


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